Steps to Get Started

  1. Fill out the client questionaire
  2. We will discuss your questionaire in more detail to determine if we can work together to accomplish your vision. 
  3. A contract will be emailed to you to read over, sign, and return. You also pay a deposit before we schedule your project. The deposit pays for a site design and initial build. 
  4. We will work together to make sure to get your content the way you want on the web or in print.  During the design process you will use an online folder which you can drop in files and media that are needed.  You will receive the initial design build to approve or tweak.
  5. You will thoroughly check all of the pages of the site for errors or revisions and any corrections will be made.
  6. Final payment is due upon design approval. Note that if this payment is not made, late fees will be incurred and your site will be disabled until payment, including late fees, is made.

Consulting & Correspondence

Consulting takes time away from paying client projects, therefore we require that you fill out the questionaire first before we consult about online or print designs.  Many of the initial questions can be answered on the form so it can save us both time when we discuss in detail your needs.

For the most part, we also prefer website work request correspondence by email to refer back to what was needed or requested rather than relying on memory or hastily written notes.



Projects vary so much in scope and purpose, it is practically impossible to give a quote without knowing the details of a specific project. Web designers have to consider the amount of graphics that go onto a site, how intricate the graphics need to be, whether content has to be generated or provided, how in-depth the requirements are for the site.

However you can get a generalized understanding of our rates by looking at our rate page.  Don't be afraid to ask for a custom quote!  After the initial consultation, we can provide you with a fitted price for your budget and needs.



All web sites are created with a content management system to allow you to update content yourself if you desire.  If you do not have time to do your own updates, we can also make edits and updates to your site for you very quickly and affordably as needed.  Some clients prefer to pay a monthly fee to keep their site updated and/ or to maintain the presence they were looking for.


Domain Names

You will need to consider what 'address' you want people to find you at on the web.  The domain name is a unique name that tied to a website.  ie.   Domain names are unique, meaning only one person or entity can register a particular domain name at a time.

To register your domain name you will need to use a Domain Name Registrar. A registrar is a company or organization that is officially accredited to manage the reservation of domain names. Most hosting companies have a way for you to register a domain name.



A website requires a place to put it so it can be viewed online.  All your files, images, and design are stored on the host's server to be accessed when someone goes to your web address. 

BEFORE you purchase hosting, you should discuss this with your professional web designer.  Some hosting companies may not have the necessary features for the site you are wanting.

Your domain name can be registered at a different company from where you purchase your hosting. Some people prefer the convenience of having both at the same company.