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About West Platte School District

West Platte School District is a public school located in Weston, MO. They promote high achievement through exceptional academics, quality staff, personalized learning, strong programs, stable student and teacher population, and state of the art facilities.

Project History

West Platte School District was in the transition between a basic HTML site and working with a large web content management system when Angela was hired for the job. She assessed their needs for a website and after several phone calls to the web company to try to achieve what the district wanted, they canceled their services with this company and Angela started from scratch to revamp their web presence to better suit the statement West Platte was trying to achieve through their website.

Project Details

West Platte School District was needing a way to communicate events, news & announcements, as well as provide online documents and forms for public access.  The original website company they were working with had these options, however it was costly to customize the features they wanted and make that statement they were trying to achieve.  This new website provides end users the ability to subscribe to calendars with maps and directions to events that can easily use GPS on mobile devices to navigate to the events.  The new site also provides a way to show news stories on any pages the school chooses rather than being limited to one section.  This helps the audience find what they are looking for quickly and in multiple ways.  After completing the web development and design, West Platte integrated all their social media and teacher sites to their main site providing a hub for the community and public to find the information they needed to stay connected to the school.

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